How to Change Fiddle Strings


The first time I changed the strings on my fiddle, I started by removing all four of the old ones at the same time, thinking that would be a good time to give my fiddle a thorough dusting. But what I hadn’t considered was the sound-post, until it collapsed after I removed the strings (fortunately, it did not slip into one of the F-holes – the long, curlicue-like openings in the top of the fiddle). That’s why it’s strongly advised to change one string at a time. Which string to start with is not critical, but most fiddlers prefer to start with the G-string (I start with the E string, because that’s what my fiddle instructor taught me after I confessed to her my oversight). You never know when a string will pop out of its slot and break, so it’s a good idea to have an extra set of strings in your case. Hope this helps.

For steps on how to change fiddle strings, go to:

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